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Hall Hiring Conditions.                         No Ball Games are allowed in the Hall

Hiring Conditions 6th March 2019


1. The hirer should note that a NO SMOKING  or VAPING  policy applies throughout the building.


2. The hirer should acquaint his or herself with the location of fire extinguishers and fire exit doors.


3. Upon vacating the building please check that the Ladies, Gents & Disabled toilets have been vacated and ensure all rooms you have used are securely locked and all  lights and appliances switched off.

Hot water dispensers and fridges are to be left on at all times.


4. The hirer is responsible for any loss, damage or injury incurred during their occupancy of the Hall. It is recommended that the hirer has their own insurance to cover them and their guests for the period of hire. A returnable damages deposit will be required for certain bookings. Details will be given to you at the time of booking and any deposit will be payable at that time. If payments are not made by the specified times the result will be cancellation of the booking.


5. The hirer must remove all rubbish and unwanted food etc from the Hall. Small amounts of sweepings from the Hall floors can be deposited in the waste bins in the kitchens. The Hall, kitchens, changing rooms and toilets should be left clean and tidy otherwise an extra charge may be incurred.  Brooms, dustpans and brushes are to be found in the kitchens and main store room. Mops and buckets are to be found in each kitchen.


6. Should the Hall be in an untidy or dirty condition at the commencement of a hire period please contact the Booking Secretary or Caretaker immediately.


7. In the event of a “Pay Bar” being required the hirer must make an application to the Magistrates Court for the appropriate licence and forward a copy to the Booking Secretary prior to the hire period.


8. Alcohol should not be served to or consumed in the hall by any individual under the age of 18 years. Under the terms of the Hall’s licence, bookings must finish by 11.30.p.m.


9. The account for block bookings of periods greater than two months will be rendered at the end of the month in which it takes place. One off casual bookings must be paid two weeks before the event takes place.  Cheques should be made payable to HIGH LANE VILLAGE HALL and sent to the Booking Secretary whose address is on the attached booking form.


10. No ball games are allowed in the Hall.


11. If you intend using the kitchen cups/saucers/plates etc please bring your own tea cloths and towels to wash and dry these items.


12. Tables are stacked in a storage room joining both Halls and in a store room in the stage area. Staging equipment is under black covers in the stage area. Any items used from these areas must be returned to the storage rooms and stage area. Tables and chairs must be wiped clean of any substance left by the user prior to stacking.


13. Do not stack more than 8 chairs at any one time and ensure all stacks face the wall in the designated areas. A trolley is available in the storage room to move chairs around the Halls. Please do not drag tables or chairs across the Large Hall floor. If help or special arrangements for staging setup are required, contact the Booking secretary prior to hire date as a charge may be incurred.


14. Cars may be taken to the front entrance for delivery of heavy items but must be returned to the main car park as soon as possible. Vehicles must under no circumstances be parked on the walkway.


15. Do not use fire exits for other than purpose unless you have been given permission to do so by the Management Committee.


Additional information for Hirers


To obtain a key please phone the Booking Secretary on 07500 487105 several days in advance so the necessary arrangements can be made for collection.


The internal door contains a five-digit push button code device; the code will be given to you at the same time as the keys.  Please keep the doors closed to ensure your function is not “gate crashed”.   Latecomers can use the bell push on the right of the inner door to obtain entry to the area in use.  Ensure you only use the facilities you have booked.


Controls for the extractor fans in the Large Hall and stage are located by the light switches in the Large Hall.  Controls for the Small Hall are located directly below the individual fans.  Please ensure all fans and lights are switched off before leaving the Hall.


A “Loop” system has been installed in each of the Large and Small Halls for the benefit of hearing aid users. The on/off switch can be found in the Large Hall wall socket/plug left of the wall screen opposite the kitchen. The Small Hall socket/plug is located to the left of the Fire doors.  


No Items/structures must be brought into the Hall or removed without the permission of the Committee.

No Items/structures which may deface any part of the Hall must be clamped or screwed to any part of the Hall externally or internally.


If drinking dispensers are to be used the Booking Secretary must be notified at the time of making the booking.


The maximum number of people seated in rows (no tables) in the Large Hall is 180 and 60 in the Small Hall.  People seated at tables are limited to 120 in the Large Hall and 44 in the Small Hall.  


Attention must be paid to not blocking access to the fire exits. Adequate space/passageways must form part of your seating plan to enable people with disabilities/wheelchairs to egress the room at any time. Details of room sizes and a floor plan can be found on our web-site.





Please acquaint yourself as to where the fire alarms, extinguishers and exits are as soon as you arrive at the Hall. It is recommended that you point these out to your guests at the start of your event. There are alarms by each exit door and the main entrance door.  


The extinguishers are by the front door and by the Large Hall, Small Hall and Stage fire exits.  The two kitchens each have Fire Blankets and a Dry Chemical Extinguisher. Do not use any fire extinguishers or wedges to hold any fire doors open at any time when Hall is in use. If both Halls are in use by the same user, the Halls connecting door can be kept open, but must be locked by the end of the hire period.


First time users are advised to contact the Caretaker or the Booking Secretary to arrange a visit prior to booking to acquaint themselves with the premises.

All Users/Hirers of the Hall bringing in and using any electrical items must have PAT tested certification for all items.


The Hall is licensed with PRS & PPL (Not for profit Music Licence). All users of the Hall are responsible for their own licensing needs and may not be covered by the Hall’s licence.


The Booking Secretary has the right to terminate any bookings if the hiring conditions are not met.  IN CASE OF FIRE EVACUATE THE WHOLE BUILDING AND PHONE 999 FOR THE FIRE BRIGADE.


The fire exit doors are protected by tamper tags these will break when pressure is applied.

The fire exits at the back of the building open out into the allotments. To exit the Allotments area a push to open Gate is situated to the left hand side of the building. The fire exits in the Large Hall, Stage area and Small Hall are not to be opened other than in an emergency or with the permission of the Committee. Improper use of the doors may cost the user part of their deposit or a charge may be incurred on the regular users invoice.

Any damage or inappropriate action within the Allotments area may result in a claim for reimbursement by the Allotments Association.


The Hall is protected by CCTV 24/7 and is covered by the Data Protection Act.


This Hall is self supporting and managed by a voluntary Committee for and on behalf of the area of benifit.


High Lane War Memorial Village Hall                                                           

Registered Charity Number 520063