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Hall Hiring Conditions.                         No Ball Games are allowed in the Hall

To make a Hall booking Email:

         Email only Please.


1.    No Ball Games:
       •    Ball games are not allowed within the hall premises.
2.    Key Collection:
       •    The Booking Secretary will contact you a week before your event to arrange collection of the key.
       •    You may also contact the Booking Secretary beforehand to confirm details.
3.    Five-Digit Push-Button Code Device:
       •    The internal door is equipped with a five-digit push-button code device.
       •    You will receive a 4 digit code along with the key(s). Remember to keep it secure and confidential.
4.    Door Etiquette:
       •    To maintain privacy and security during your function, keep the doors closed.
       •    This will help prevent any uninvited guests from “gate-crashing” your event.
5.    Latecomers:
       •    If someone arrives late, they can use the bell push located on the right side of the inner door to gain entry.
       •    This ensures that latecomers can join the event without disrupting others.
6.    No Smoking or Vaping: A strict no-smoking or vaping policy applies throughout the building.
       •    Fire Safety: Familiarize yourself with the location of fire extinguishers and fire exit doors. Detailed information is available                                 elsewhere.
7.    Vacating the Building:
       •    Ensure that the Ladies,’ Gents,’ and Disabled toilets are vacated.
       •    Securely lock all rooms you’ve used.
       •    Switch off lights and appliances.
       •    Hot water dispensers and fridges should remain on.
8.    Responsibility and Insurance:
       •    The hirer is responsible for any loss, damage, or injury during their occupancy.
       •    It’s recommended to have personal insurance to cover the hirer and guests during the hire period.
       •    Certain bookings require a returnable deposit.
       •    Payment details will be provided during booking.
9.    Cleanliness and Rubbish Removal:
      •    Remove all rubbish and unwanted food from the hall. Please take it home to dispose of.
      •    Small sweepings from the hall floors can be deposited in kitchen waste bins.
      •    Leave the hall, kitchens, changing rooms, and toilets clean and tidy to avoid extra charges.
      •    Dustpans and brushes are available in the kitchens.
10.    Reporting Issues:
      •    If the hall is untidy or dirty at the start of the hire period, contact the Booking Secretary immediately.
11.    Pay Bar Application:
      •    If a “Pay Bar” is needed, apply to the Magistrates Court for the appropriate licence.
      •    Forward a copy to the Booking Secretary before the hire period. 
      •    No alcohol may be sold without a licence. However, you may take your own alcohol for personal consumption.
12.    Alcohol Restrictions:
     •    Alcohol should not be served to or consumed in the hall by anyone under 18 years old.
     •    Bookings must conclude by 11:30 p.m. sharp, as per the hall’s license terms.
13.    Payment for Bookings:
     •    For block bookings lasting more than two months, the account will be rendered at the end of the month in which the booking occurs.
     •    One-off casual bookings must be paid two weeks before the event. Cheques should be made payable to HIGH LANE VILLAGE HALL                  and sent to either the Treasurer or the Booking Secretary (whose address is provided on the booking form or invoice) 
14.    Kitchen Usage:
     •    If you plan to use kitchen cups, saucers, plates, etc., please bring your own tea towels to dry these items.
15.    Table and Chair Handling:
     •    Tables are stacked on trolleys in storerooms adjoining both halls.
     •    Any items used from these areas must be returned to the storerooms.
     •    Tables and chairs must be wiped clean of any substances before stacking.
16.    Chair Stacking:
     •    No more than 8 chairs in a stack.
     •    Ensure that all chair stacks face the wall in the designated areas.
     •    Trolleys are available in the storerooms to move chairs around the halls.
     •    Please avoid dragging tables or chairs across the large hall floor.
17.    Vehicle Parking:
     •    Cars may be taken to the front entrance for delivery of heavy items.
     •    However, they must be returned to the main car park promptly.
     •    Under no circumstances should vehicles be left parked on the walkway or on the grass in front of the hall.
18.    Fire Exits:
     •    Fire exits should only be used for their intended purpose.
     •    Seek permission from the Management Committee before using them for any other reason.
19.    Stage Curtains and Doors:
     •    The stage side doors must be closed and locked unless the stage is actively in use.
20.    Connecting Door Between Halls:
     •    If both halls are in use by the same user, the connecting door between them can be kept open during the hire period but must be                     locked by the end of the booking.
21.    First-Time Users: 
     •    First-time users are advised to contact the Booking Secretary to arrange a visit before booking. This will help them become familiar               with the premises.
22.    Electrical Items and PAT Testing:
     •    All users/hirers bringing in and using any electrical items must have PAT tested certifications for all items.
     •    The Hall does not take responsibility for any faulty items or equipment used.
23.    Music Licensing:
     •    The Hall is licensed with PRS & PPL (Not for profit Music Licence).
     •    Users are responsible for their own licensing needs, as they may not be covered by the Hall’s licence.
24.    Booking Termination:
     •    The Booking Secretary has the right to terminate any bookings if the hiring conditions are not met.
25.    Fire Safety:
     •    In case of fire, evacuate the whole building and phone 999 for the fire brigade.
     •    The fire exit doors are protected by tamper tags that break when pressure is applied.
26.    Fire Exits:
     •    The fire exits at the back of the building open out into the Allotments.
     •    To exit the Allotments area, a push-to-open gate is situated to the left-hand side of the building.
     •    The fire exits in the Large Hall, Stage area, and Small Hall should not be opened except in emergencies or with permission from the               Committee.
     •    Improper use of the doors may result in a deduction from the user’s deposit or an additional charge on the regular user’s invoice.
     •    Any damage or inappropriate action within the Allotments area may lead to a claim for reimbursement by the Allotments Association.
27.    CCTV and Data Protection:
     •    The Hall is protected by CCTV 24/7 and adheres to the Data Protection Act.
28.    Extractor/Air Intake Fans:
     •    The Large Hall and Stage have extractor / air intake fans, and their controls are conveniently located by the light switches in the                     Large Hall.
     •    The Small Hall has 2 extractor / air intake fans. The fan controls are directly below each individual fan.
     •    Remember to switch off all the fans and lights before leaving the Hall.
29.    Loop System for Hearing Aid Users:
     •    A “Loop” system has been installed in both the Large and Small Halls to benefit hearing aid users.
     •    In the Large Hall, the system is permanently on, and the on/off switch is high on the wall opposite the kitchen.
     •    In the Small Hall, the plug for the Loop system is located to the left of the Fire doors.
30.    Items, signage, and Structures:
     •    No items or structures should be brought into or removed from the Hall without the permission of the Committee.
     •    Additionally, avoid clamping or screwing anything to any part of the Hall, both externally and internally.
     •    No sellotape to be used for decorations or posters but blu/white tack is permitted but must be removed afterwards.
31.    Seating Capacity:
     •    In the Large Hall, when seated in rows (without tables), the maximum capacity is 150 people.
     •    For table seating, the limit is 120 people.
     •    In the Small Hall, the maximum capacity is 60 people when seated in rows and 44 people with tables.
     •    Ensure that seating plans allow for accessible passageways for people with disabilities or wheelchairs.
32.    Fire Safety:
     •    Upon arrival familiarize yourself with the location of fire alarms, extinguishers, and exits.
     •    Point out these safety features to your guests at the start of your event.
     •    Alarms are near each exit door and the main entrance.
     •    Extinguishers are strategically placed by the front door, Large Hall, Small Hall, and Stage fire exits.
     •    The kitchens are equipped with Fire Blankets and Dry Chemical Extinguishers.
     •    Do not use fire extinguishers or wedges to hold doors open during Hall usage. 
33.    Self-Supporting Hall:
     •    The High Lane Village Hall is self-supporting and managed by a voluntary Committee on behalf of the local community.

           For additional details, including room sizes and a floor plan, visit our website Safety first and enjoy                   your event! 


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