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AGM 2015.

By Mike Morton, May 24 2015 11:13AM

Chairman’s Report.

The Hall is in peak condition and should be able to meet most of the requests for hirings that come our way. The new website, which is visited over a 1,000 times a month, plays a tremendous role advertising the facilities of the Village Hall. We can now be seen as one of the best Halls available near and far. For instance, items like our sound equipment is second to none, our heating management system is state of the art, tea making made safe by providing instant hot water. You asked for it, so welcome to the 21st century, and just to remind you, none of this would have happened without organisations like the Co-op, United Utilities and our user groups who made generous donations to help bring all this into this building.

We state “No Ball Games in the Hall” and vet casual users as best we can to prevent potential damages to the Hall. On the subject of damages, you will notice that the windows either side of the main doors have been given signage, hoping this will prevent people who are momentarily distracted or in a hurry attempting to vacate the premises via the windows instead of the doors.

A big thank you goes out to all the tidy regular users who make it their business to clean up after themselves. A charitable act spoilt by others who just walk away.

Thanks to the servicing contractors who at the drop of a hat have attended the Hall for repairs and modifications over the past year.

Thanks to Liz Harby for keeping the Hall in a pristine condition, and for being available to users who need extra help leaving the Hall as they found it.

Over the past year we have reduced some of the work load taken on by committee members, and I would like to remind you all, that we run this Hall voluntarily for the Village, and that includes the help we get from Barbara and Norman Blyth and David Armstrong.

I must also say thank you to:

1. Joy Armstrong who can find time around midnight to produce the minutes

2. Margaret Mc Dermott once again for her kitchen duties.

3. Dorothy Graham for producing the very profitable Table Top events.

4. Mike Street for his unseen work keeping the building in good order.

5. Les Birks for keeping the Hall in profit as Treasurer.

6. Linda Morton for all the overtime spent booking everyone in, taking and banking all the money, keeping records, finding new ideas for fund raising and generally keeping everyone happy including a very grumpy Chairman.

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